#SFGiants #HummBaby (at Scottsdale Stadium)

#SFGiants #HummBaby (at Scottsdale Stadium)

Markitors is a digital marketing agency in Phoenix that helps B2C companies improve their social media and online presence.

Markitors is spelled with an “i/o” for input, output. They take an analytical approach to their digital marketing initiatives by combining the math of marketing with the art of auditing.

What I Learned Today About Sales - Day 2

Yesterday I posted about how “sales” should best be approached. How much time should be allocated to Twitter? Referrals? Cold Calls?

: Referrals are overrated when you’re not being referred, not being referred by the right person, or being referred to the wrong person. It takes a lot of time to go through who you know. Scrolling through Linkedin contacts takes up time. Jury is still out on whether this pays dividends, since it takes even more time for a referral to get back to the referrer.

: Twitter is effectively used for relationship building. Especially when there is an event going on. You can make it seem like you’re actually at the event based on the tweets you put out and the interactions you facilitate. Quite nice. Thanks New York International Auto Show and the #NYIAS hashtag. 

: Cold Calls. I’m beginning to love them. I’m beginning to hate them. The “chi” of my day goes back and forth on these little calls.  It’s like hunting. You find the target you want to go after (which again, takes time). Then you have to find the opportune moment. Then, you have to capitalize on that opportune moment with something that you’ve thought about and practiced in anticipation of this moment. It’s quite exhilarating when you get it right. Way more exciting than email.

: Sales funnel. I’ve listed all the companies I’ve reached out to along with the actions I’ve taken to get back to them. Ironically, I’m also trying to sell a BlackBerry Playbook on Craigslist. I’ve had three people interested in the Playbook. I still have the Playbook. Conclusion? I suck at closing. Time seems to be an enemy in sales. The more time that passes, the less likely you’ll be sealing the deal. Perhaps tomorrow, I ask for a sale? 

What I Learned Today - Day 1 Of Being A Free Agent

Today was day one of officially being a free agent (some people call this ‘being unemployed’).  I have two months until I get married, so I’m not going to be looking for a job. Instead, I’m attempting to partner with a handful of brave brands on a summer advertising campaign that challenges people log a combined million miles that are fuel free.  It’s called the Million Mile Mission

To make sure I’m spending my days wisely, I’ll be tumbling what I learned in my day so that I can improve in the next. Here’s what I learned in day one of being a free agent.

: Send reminders before meetings on Monday.

: Sales. Cold calls are tough to make, but expedite the process. It also shows that you care.

: Where do you spend the most time making sales? Referrals? Phone calls? Twitter? Time will tell. I’ll be splitting my time with two hours on each medium. We’ll see what produces better results. 

: Brands are battling for attention right now, and it’s a losing game. The biggest battle ground in the coming decade will be battling to “surprise and delight” consumers. 

: We humanize logos is a cool slogan.

: When using Twitter to sell, build a relationship instead of trying to seal the deal like a 19 year old. 

: How do you scale “caring?” 

: Look at an athlete’s training schedule. They usually do three sets of this and 45 minutes on that. Implement that schedule into your daily routine. 10 sets of random tweets sent out based on Twitter monitoring. 2 Facebook posts a day. 2 hours making cold calls. Etc.

Testing Out Tumblr…Still

Testing Out Tumblr…Still

Testing out tumble

Is a pain for photos…